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We have created a winning digital marketing department composed of top-notch experts. We have years of experience working with dozens of customers from leading companies throughout Israel, and are happy to provide you with our services.

Digital 360
Who are we?

Rimon-Cohen & Co.'s digital marketing department produces effective digital marketing campaigns across all social media platforms for public and private companies, governmental and academic establishments, corporations, nonprofit organizations, law firms, and leading businessmen and politicians.

Our digital marketing campaigns are executed with an effective and strategic plan. Our services include creating meaningful graphics and videos, content writing, and sponsored promotions for targeted audiences.

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What do we do?
Digital 360

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We create visual content that includes upscale graphics and effective videos that will reach the precise target audiences and create a real impact across all social media platforms.

We create content tailored to each social media platform, according to our customers’ individual needs. We write content that will reach and influence your target audiences.

We will set up and manage your digital presenceon all relevant social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube and more.

The experienced communications consultants of one of the oldest, well-known and highest-quality public relations firms in Israel, Rimon-Cohen & Co., will manage your PR.

We will set up and manage your digital presenceon all relevant social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, YouTube and more.

We are experts in all types of promotions across all social media platforms and in reaching different types of target audiences.

Having a digital presence requires constant awareness and mindfulness- every word can affect you or your company's reputation.

Specializing in this area has allowed us to successfully manage crises and resolve dozens of conflicts for many organizations, committees and individuals.

Success Stories
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Team of experts


Uri Perednik

Director of Rimon Digital
  • Director of Rimon Digital – an expert in crisis management and personal branding, conferences, real estate and high-tech, "An Image takes years to build and seconds to destroy." A media crisis can destroy lives and businesses - that's why I'm here. Some of the image crises I managed were discussed in Israeli and international media. In addition, I was in charge of branding for companies and institutions at the forefront of Israel’s industries. Among my past and present clients are: the Technion - Unit for Continuing Studies, Afsharibari (Ministry of Health), the National Library, the Builders' Association of Contractors, Members of Knesset and Public Figures

Avigail Gazit

Social Media Manager
  • An expert in online communities and entertainment, "The coronavirus crisis has taught us that digital platforms can connect people remotely, create communities, and enable the consumption of knowledge and culture even in difficult times." What I like most about social media today is the ability to create communities in all areas –business, social, and professional. The technical side is not enough, it is necessary to generate meaningful content that creates a dialogue between members of the community. This connection is achieved through videos, graphics and meaningful interactions. If you are looking to strengthen or produce your next digital community - I am here for you. Among my past and present clients are: Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv, Herzliya Business Park, The Jerusalem Theater, the Safety Headquarters in the Construction Industry, local contractors' organizations of the Contractors Association and more
Asaf Biton

Asaf Biton

Digital Marketing Manager
  • "An effective digital strategy can grow your business profits and create committed and loyal customers." Digital marketing is what I love to do. I have fun helping businesses grow and reach the next level by using smart digital tools. Digital marketing is a never-ending job that requires a balance between precise goals and flexibility. It requires constant budget optimization, growing your audience, and the use of a uniformed branding language. For all your digital marketing needs, I am at your service. Among my past and present clients are: Patosha (sunglasses brand), Hidabraut, the Chamber of Wage Specialists, the Institute for Economic Planning, Mei Shikma and mor
אורפז לאתר

Orpaz Harush

Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer, Animator and Studio Manager. "Since I can remember myself, I always wants to draw and create things. After a BA in Chemical Engineering at the Technion, I returned to my original path, and decided to follow my dream, and create content." She managed a graphic studio and the branding process of dozens of Israeli and international clients in various fields including, consumer goods, leisure, public awareness campaigns, and more. Orpaz combines technical and managerial knowledge together with her talent in design and writing. Her artistic eye upgrades the look and impact of any project. Orpaz studied graphic design in the California School of the Arts CalArts and has advanced expertise in Adobe Creative Suite digital tools

Public Relations and Crisis Management


Roni Rimon

CEO of Rimon Cohen & Co
  • CEO of Rimon-Cohen & Co. and Strategic Consultant - one of the top strategic consultants in Israel. There is nothing like using a senior strategist who knows the media inside and out, to produce a winning digital strategy for your campaign. Cohen advises companies and prominent economic and social organizations.He conducts notable media conflict resolution and advises senior political public figures. Among his past and present clients are: Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Ministerial Election Campaign, 2009), Amir Peretz (2006 campaign that won him 19 seats), Aliza Bloch (Beit Shemesh Mayoral Campaign, 2018) and more

Eran Yoels

Director of the Public Relations Department at Rimon Cohen & Co
  • Director of the Public Relations department at Rimon-Cohen & Co. If you want to expand into traditional media (TV, radio, press, etc.) in addition to digital media, Eran is the right person for you. With decades of experience, he is able to lead a holistic campaign that will contain the elements of digital media integrated with traditional media for maximum impact. Among his past and present clients are: the media campaign for the release of Gilad Shalit (Pro Bono), the Teachers' Union, as well as a number of prominent business entities: the capital market, labor unions, public and private companies, and more

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